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Our broadcasts aimed at youth audience take a thorough look at culture, whether relating to history, science or the arts.


The Mini-Healers is a light and interactive documentary series allowing five 10 to 12-year-old children to immerse themselves in the life of an animal shelter. Missions, challenges, tips and hints help them better understand all the matters relating to hosting a pet at home.


L'oreille des kids is an invitation to discovery and curiosity, but also a new way to tackle science in a friendly way, with a new scientific series mixing short reports and science experiments for kids broadcasted live from the TV studios.



Draw Me The Stars decodes chemistry, the course of the planets and that of the stars in our galaxy. A fascinating series combining the history of science and knowledge of the stars.




Mission Ciné presents various " cinema missions " entrusted to three very special agents for a thrilling immersion in the workings and the many facets of cinema. Three special agents make us relive the history of cinema through its genres, its accessories, its techniques, and its most famous characters.


Shhh! revisits the biographical history of the great masters and the influence of their works in thirty 4-minute episodes constructed around astounding graphics.




Making Bubbles offers light and engaging short reports taking an innovative and resolutely contemporary look at the world of parenting. From birth to pre-teen, « Making Bubbles » provides parents with a wealth of clever ideas on how to raise their children based on expert advice from child professionals.


Questions On illustrates the scientific world’s response to children’s infinite curiositiy. Explaining everything from the simplest to the most complex subjects, this programme travels the width and breadth of today’s sciences and society in order to safistfy our thirst for knowledge.


Helveticus revisits in 52 animated episodes the major events, founding myths, iconic characters, and symbols of Switzerland. Between legend and history, discover the adventures of the Helveticus family over time. A series combining the real and the imaginary to make Swiss history accessible to children in a funny and innovative manner.