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Find out below RTS programs with cooking-related content.


Food truck fresh offers you gourmet cuisine from a food truck! Follow blogger Anouck Grau as she fixes a series of slow-cooked vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free recipes that are both fresh and simple. A passionate foodie, Anouck shows us how to be creative while eating a healthy and varied diet..



Pique-Assiette goes Al fresco! Over the summer, Annick Jeanmairet traded her kitchen for a picnic in the park. She scoured French markets, basket at the ready, selecting the best local produce for summer recipes concocted with the help of great chefs.



In The Purest Pleasures Of Food, “Pique Assiette” goes back to the basics of everyday cooking. Discover meals that delight and comfort, that are always a pleasure to eat, that have taste and soul, that tell a story. In a word,discover food at the purest level of pleasure!



In Cooking with the Chefs, Annick Jeanmairet now hands the whisk to the cooks! Standing next to her in the kitchen, they have free rein to tempt our palates, on one condition: their dishes have to be simple, original and made with the ingredients to hand. All under Annick’s watchful but typically humorous eye!



Benoît Violier, Benoît Violier, French-Swiss restaurateur and world’s best chef, has marked the world of haute cuisine from his stronghold Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville, in Crissier. His examplary career in the gastronomy world came to a sudden end with his death at the age of 44 ans.



Descente en cuisine is a creative culinary program mingling in an unusual way gastronomic delights, culture and a sense of adventure!


Nibbles opens the door to the effervescent Annick Jeanmairet’s intimate world of cooking. Annick makes sure each invited chef proposes viewers colourful, modern, easy-to-prepare and playful recipes.



Al dente helps viewers prepare all the dishes of a menu, accompanied by wines and cocktails chosen by a sommelier. A guaranteed new bouquet of flavours every week.


Le goût du jour is the culinary encounter between a gourmet chef, master in the art of molecular cooking, and four junior cooks. They all go out in the field to meet farmers passionate about their profession.



My home is my hotel presents us four couples who have to work through all the necessary steps for setting up their guest rooms in just 5 months. A festive and convivial hotel and culinary series for the entire family!



Dinner at the farm watches 7 challengers prepare fine meals at their farms for their rivals’ culinary delight. Discover the agricultural diversity and richness of countryside gastronomy revamped by gourmet cuisine.

Luxury Hotels: A 5-star trade takes viewers for a timeless journey to the heart of Switzerland’s most splendid luxury hotels.


Black Diamonds is high-class series presenting in each episode a recipe, a chef and legendary secrets associated with caviar, to better understand how this exceptional product has maintained its culinary prestige through the ages.



Chocolate invites viewers to discover all they have always wanted to know about chocolate, from South American plantations to the Max Felchlin production lines.


Nothing but flavour tells us all about the people behind our food and special culinary treats. Find out about the hidden tale of quality products from the four corners of the globe!



The esplanade follows the culinary adventure of chef Guillaume Trouillot as he is about to turn Aubonne’s local inn into a gourmet restaurant.


L'école des chefs allows two gourmet apprentices to visit the kitchens of five major Swiss chefs. They will put on their apron to discover the chefs' trade secrets for 5 classy recipes: a school of choice for the flavor-savvy curious!


Find out about RTS reports and investigations relating to gastronomy, cooking or catering.