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In order to prepare your future production projects, you'll find below a selection of the most important anniversary dates in 2018.


19 February1988: death of French poet René Char. In 1967, scholar Jean Starobinski introduced a portrait of the poet filmed in his house in Isle-sur-Sorgue. The resistance fighter and writer gave voice to his poetry, reading out loud during walks through Provence's pathways.





11 March 1978: death of French singer Claude François. Check-out our selection of archive footage documenting Claude François and the Claudettes' appearances on Swiss Télévision between 1964 and 1977.






4 April 1968: Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Watch the outstanding report shot in 1962 by Swiss Television, in which the black charismatic leader hoped for a "completely integrated society" in America "by the end of the century". 50 years later, what has become of the early activists of the civil rights movement?





10 April 1998: Good Friday Agreement marked a major political achievement in the Northern Ireland peace process. This selection of documentary films looks back on the painful past and difficult relationship between the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Ulster urban aeras such as the Bogside, in Derry, wich was filmed extensively by the Swiss Television just a few months prior to the Bloody Sunday events.




15 April 1998: death of Pol Pot. Between 1975 and 1979, Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime took power in Cambodia and led a reign of terror including torture, massive summary executions and forced labour. The appalling genocide was condemned twice by investigative reports broadcast on Swiss Television in the show Temps Présent.





18 April 2008: decease of French writer Aimé Césaire, co-founder with Léopold Sédar Senghor of the "negritude" movement, committed to the enhancement and recognition of the African heritage. In 1963, both authors sat down to discuss the emergence of "negritude" on the French-speaking cultural and literary stage. The cameras of the Swiss Télévision were there for the summit meeting between these two giants of French literature.




18 April 1998: death of French humorist Pierre Desproges. The irreverent, provocative stand-up comic whose merciless humor influenced a whole generation of French humorists appeared twice on Swiss Television in the 1980s.





Discover the May 68 events through the archive footage and documentary films of Swiss Television. This selection of reports shot in France, but also in England, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, give us an insight into the rebellious spirit that spread through Europe and the world in the late 1960s, in such varied fields as education, family, sexuality or at work.




13 August 1998: French-Italian singer Nino Ferrer shot himself in the chest. In 1967, he told Swiss journalists his taste for excentricity and Jarry's absurd humor.






8 November 1998: death of French actor Jean Marais. This selection of archive footage looks back on the acting career of an artist who featured in some of French cinema's best flicks, including those directed by Jean Cocteau.